Heel Running

What to Do If Your Heel Hurts after Running?
Are you a fitness freak? Do you love spending a healthy and very active lifestyle; if all of these are yes from your side then you must know that the sensation of heel and feet pain is very bad. It can vary from different ranges such as tingling sensation in your feet to burning sensation, in some cases you might even feel like as your feet are killing you as the feeling might be like you have broken any bone in your feet. So what are the reasons due to which you have hurting feet after jogging? Here we are giving you some of the most important reasons for that.

If you are overweight your body might not bear the pressure even when you are jogging or walking on a higher speed. On other hand if you are not wearing footwear that can support your body. In this matter it is very important to wear shoes that can support your body weight in the best way. Also you must try to lose your weight so the pressure on your feet can be generally reduced which can also lower down the pain.
Sometime not only the physical stress but also mental stress can affect the condition of your body. In this case it is very important to be calm in every situation, especially when you are exercising, running or performing any extreme activity make sure you make your body at a relaxed position, as this will surely decrease the stress on your feet and legs, this will not only make your feet relaxed but also you can perform that activity for a longer period of time.
Plantar Fasciitis 
In this condition the lower thick fibrous tissue of the feet are swollen, and there are many ways through which you can easily get rid of this condition. On other hand you can also use some medications that can treat this condition but it is very important to consult a doctor first as he/she can recommend better cure for you.
Uncomfortable Shoes

At the time of running your whole body is stretched and he blood in your body flows with maximum speed. It is very important to wear shoes that can keep your body in a relaxed position, as shoes that are especially made for running can help you with such condition, as they have secret pads in them that can help your condition and ca support your posture while running.

Now, after knowing all these reasons you must think what you can do to eliminate the pain after running, following are some points that can help you with this issue.

Wearing comfortable and right sized shoes can be a great help. Ensure you right size and make sure that size fits you right.

You can also put ice on your feet if they hurt a lot, you can use ice packs for that.

Stretching your body and legs is very important, as this can help you in order to maintain the right posture of your body.

All these tips can help you eliminate if your heel hurts after running.